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Open data

Open data
Survey of residents on creation of the municipal mobile app

The municipality of the city of Riga wants to make the city more accessible and convenient for everyone. It is planned to create a new municipal mobile app that will provide city services and information in an easily accessible way.

Please take a few minutes to answer the survey questions. Your opinion will help us create an app that meets your needs and makes life in Riga more comfortable.

Please note!
  • The survey will run until 16.06.2024.
  • Your answers will be anonymous and will be analysed in a general way.
  • It takes 3 – 10 minutes to fill out the survey.
Survey of residents on cultural offer in the city of Rīga

Riga City Municipality is currently conducting a survey to find out the opinion of Riga residents on cultural opportunities in Riga (cultural venues, leisure, cultural services, public participation, etc.). We invite every resident of Riga to take part in this survey. Your opinion will help us work together to create a diverse, accessible and high quality cultural environment in Riga!

The results of the survey will be used in the process of developing the cultural policy guidelines of the Riga State City Municipality for 2024-2028.

Implementer of the research: Riga State City Municipality Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Culture Board.

Please note!
  • The survey will run until 15.05.2024.
  • Your answers will be anonymous and will be analysed in a general way.
  • It takes 10 – 15 minutes to fill out the survey.
Survey for residents of Riga about the habits and possibilities at evenings and nights

Currently, the City Development department of the Riga State City Municipality is conducting a feasibility study about evening and nighttime planning and management in Riga; it will serve as a basis for further development of evening and nighttime topics in the city!

In recent years, this field of study has become more relevant in connection with the change of work, leisure, and entertainment habits. More and more people work, relax and commute past the end of traditional working hours (after 18.00 in the evenings and at night until 06.00), therefore issues of health and sleep have become more relevant in this period. People’s needs for services outside of traditional working hours are also increasing, and the rise of the number of people outdoors at evenings and nights increases security risks.

By completing this survey, you will help us understanding the habits, observations, and other aspects of life at evenings and nights in Riga so that, when planning them, the municipality is better able to address the most important for residents!

Please note!
  • The survey will run until 10.05.2024.
  • Your answers will be anonymous and will be analysed in a general way.
  • It takes 15 – 20 minutes to fill out the survey.
Citizen survey on urban air mobility

Dear residents of Riga!

The Urban Development Department of Riga State City Local Government invites you to take part in a survey on Urban Air Mobility. This survey has been developed within the CITYAM project, funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme (2023-2025). The survey will be carried out simultaneously in different European cities. Urban Air Mobility (UAM) includes different types of drones, as well as their take-off and landing sites.

The aim of this survey is to involve citizens, raise awareness of the UAM, evaluate citizens’ views and put the UAM on the local government’s agenda. Your participation is vital to help the local government develop the best possible strategies and policies to regulate the use of drones and make our city friendlier and safer for people.

Please note!
  • The survey will run until 24.04.2024.
  • Your answers will be anonymous and will be analysed in a general way.
  • The survey takes up to 10 minutes to complete.

More about CITYAM.

The results of the survey will be published on GEO RĪGA section Engage and on the CITYAM communication channels Website and Linkedin

Study of Residents’ Habits – Favourite routes

Riga City is interested to learn more about how people move around their neighbourhoods and the city.  This information is essential to improve the quality of life for residents in neighbourhoods and the city as a whole.

You’re invited to share the routes You have have used to get around in the city and for leisure activities over the last 3 months. For example, we’d like to learn, where You go for a walk after work or on your days off. Do You walk, ride a bicycle or use other modes of transportation? What makes this route and the places You visit special? Are there any places that You especially want to highlight on this route? It is important for us to learn how to improve everyday life in neighbourhoods, and Your opinion and experience matter in this process. Help to improve Your neighbourghood and city – answer the questions and draw Your route on the map.

Please note!
  • The survey is anonymous and the data obtained in it will only be used for the analysis of the results in an aggregated form.
  • Only one route can be submitted at a time when completing the survey.
  • You can fill out the survey several times!
  • You can see the already submitted routes on the map, which is updated once a day.
Where should electric scooter parking be set up in Rīga?

To ensure the safety and order of road users on the city’s streets, parking zones for electric scooters and electric bicycles are gradually being introduced in Rīga so that residents and renters of these mobility devices can park them safely, conveniently and without disturbing other road users.

The first zones have been set up in consultation with rental companies, at the most popular starting and finishing points of trips, as well as at locations where shared mobility tools most often cause inconvenience to pedestrians and other road users.

Citizens are invited to mark on the map their suggestions where these areas should be located, with an address and a photo of the location. Please note that electric scooter and bicycle parking areas are created on pavements between urban landscaping elements, where they do not obstruct pedestrians or cyclists.

How much do you know about the impact of cigarette butts?

Test your knowledge on cigarette butts and waste segregation by taking the 12-question knowledge test!

  • Participants who answer all 12 questions correctly by 16 September will be entered into a prize draw for 3 prize baskets from Rīga Municipality, SIA “Zaļā josta” and SIA “Getliņi EKO”.

Before taking the test, please watch the Zaļās jostas educational short film “Izsmēķa ceļš”, available on the organisation’s Youtube account.

Baltic Sea Day is celebrated every year on 31 August in the countries bordering the Baltic Sea. 2023. Tallinn, the European Green Capital for 2023, together with Helsinki and Let’s Do It World, is calling attention to the environmental problems of the Baltic Sea. This year, Latvian municipalities, together with the organisers of the Big Clean-up, have agreed to pay particular attention to the environmental impact of littering.

Where to walk the dog?

The first phase is a questionnaire where residents are invited to share their dog walking habits and experiences of dog-related accidents, as well as to assess their level of knowledge of the dog walking rules and make suggestions to the municipality on how to improve dog walking.

The second phase is a mapping, which invites residents to indicate where in the city it would be advisable to install a dog walking area. Please note that the municipality may only consider dog parks in areas it owns.

The third phase is a webinar, where the information provided by the residents is discussed with representatives of the municipality and future plans for new dog walking areas are outlined.

What should the Anniņmuiža forest park be like?

The prospective Anniņmuiža Forest Park includes the present Anniņmuiža Forest and Vecanniņmuiža Park. In order for the municipality to be able to issue binding regulations for the maintenance of the area, it is necessary to grant it the status of a forest park, which can be done by drawing up a park plan and management regulations.

On 14 June, a public consultation was held to hear residents’ views on the prospective layout of the Forest Park. Only 14 people attended the consultation, so a survey is being organised to find out more public opinion.

Waste management in Rīga

We would like to find out the opinion of the residents of Riga in order to know what are the current problems and what solutions and/or improvements are needed in the field of waste management.

The aim of the project was to find out the opinion of the residents of Riga in order to know what the current problems are and what solutions and/or improvements would be necessary for the development of waste management.

The project took place in two phases:

  • Survey
  • Summary
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