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3D Rīga

Have a look at 3D models of Riga – both in LOD and reality. Viewing 3D models does not require any special software or knowledge. Within them, it is possible to move and view objects from different angles interactively, to assess the spatial objects, analyse visibility, shading and sun exposure at various hours of the day  


Please note! To see the 3D views, we reccomend using the internet browser Google Chrome.
Three-dimensional data  are large, so it may take longer than usual to load. Be patient! 


Riga's Building Protection Zones and Old Town Reality Model

We are commencing the publication of a reality model for Riga's historical center, its protective zone, and 13 building protection areas. This model was created upon the request of Riga City Council, using aerial photography materials from 2022. Laser scanning materials were also utilized to ensure the geometric precision of the Old Town area's buildings. Currently, the model has not been fully published and will gradually be expanded to include all the encompassed territories.

LOD2 model

The LOD2 views of Riga’s neighbourhoods are prepared by the specialists of the City Development Department, using the 2021 aerial laser scanning data of the Latvian Geospatial Information Agency. Currently, some 3D models of Riga’s neighbourhoods are available, and our specialists are working to make LOD2 models of all Riga’s neighbourhoods available in the near future. LOD2 model detailing represents the spatial volume and outline of objects, allowing the identification of the essential geometry of objects.

LOD1 model

The Riga LOD1 model is an automatically generated model that uses the 2021 aerial laser scanning data of the Latvian Geospatial Information Agency. It depicts the geometries and volumes of objects in a general way without further detailing of shapes.

Solar energy potential

Data on the potential of solar energy in Riga were obtained taking into account the slope, position, shading of the roofs, and other factors. The solar energy potential is calculated for building roofs in 1x1 m grid cells, obtaining the total value of solar energy potential per year (kWh/m²). Residents and other interested parties can use these data to evaluate the feasibility of installing solar panels or solar collectors on the roofs of their houses. However, to make a final decision, we invite you to contact the Riga Energy Agency, which will advise you on an individual energy efficiency plan.

Reality model

The author of the published reality model is the Geospatial Information Agency of Latvia. With the help of the reality model, it is possible to virtually “walk around” and see Riga without leaving your home. This photo realistically reflects the urban environment in three dimensions. The accuracy of this model allows us to use it more widely – for urban planning, immovable property management, security management, protection of cultural monuments and spatial analysis.

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